Honoring the Brave


Kenny Hill

Move for a Cause Ambassador and Tribe Member

Kenny joins the tribe from El Paso, TX and is the Chapter Captain for Team RWB El Paso. He is a US Veteran and has dedicated his time and efforts to helping other veterans come back to civilian life in a healthy way after service. Here’s his passion and heart for why he runs “Shades for Service”

“I have supported Team Red, White, and Blue (RWB) for the past 3 years and the Shades for the Service run since its inception last year. The transition from military to civilian life represents one of the most significant challenges facing our nation's veterans. To counter isolation, adverse health effects and loss of camaraderie, Team RWB inspires veterans to action and hones their military skills for use in their transition. Post 9-11 veterans live in communities nationwide today, and 250,000 veterans will leave active duty this year to join them. They face isolation, lack of physical fitness, lack of purpose. They face a world that doesn’t understand the military and they feel alienated and isolated...all by themselves. Team RWB is the antidote for the isolation many veterans face.  And frankly, for many civilians, too. Team RWB’s Enrichment Equation is Enrichment = Health + People + Purpose. With Team RWB, veterans break out of isolation- they improve their health, create authentic relationships with others and increase their sense of purpose. Running in the Shades for the Service race, provides me another opportunity to contribute to this awesome organization and support our nation’s veterans. “

You can join Kenny and others across the nation wanting to serve those who have served through the Shades for the Service Virtual, happening this November to coincide with Veteran’s Day. https://move4acause.com/shades-for-the-service

Angelica Lopez