Valuing Mother Earth


"There's always something good in any bad situation."

Christina Labay is a Move for a Cause tribe member from Houston, TX and is an adventurer and lover of the outdoors. She values being part of the tribe and answered a few questions as to why:

What is a motto that you live by?

"There's always something good in any bad situation."

What has inspired you to adopt an active lifestyle (running, walking,  hiking, biking, rucking, etc)

I answer this question differently every time, but I guess the thing that really set it in motion was my mom having a stroke about 7 years ago. It was terrifying. Growing up, most adults in my family had health issues and had hospital visits or were on tons of medication, but that one really hit me. We've both gotten really active since then. She's so awesome!

What accomplishment are you most proud of since you have adopted an active lifestyle?

Inspiring others to do the same. I don't always set out to inspire, but getting messages from friends and family saying that I made them want to get active or go for a run is a really great feeling.

What music do you like to listen to while running, walking or biking?

I listen to podcasts like boring old lady. haha. Steve-Dave! and The Negative Splits are two favorites.

Which M4AC Virtual Race has personal meaning to you? 

The Mother Earth run is meaningful to me because I am a nature lover to the bone. As a child nature had been a safe haven for me - a place of peace. Sometimes it was the only time I felt that. I get that same feeling running trails. We've got to take better care of this place!

Angelica Lopez